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Alternative Energy

    Organic Farming and Fresh Eggs    



Whether you are starting out, or are a seasoned homesteader,   

this website provides insight into this unique and fascinating lifestyle. The challenges are always changing, they are a part of the adventure.  A large part of farming, off the grid.  


Solar panels powering and Off Grid farm
  Powered  by  the  Sun 
Sunrise wheat harvest ~
   The June Barley Harvest at Root Cellar Farm
The ripened barley was properly cut with scythes and placed on a neat stack. The barley was loaded into a wheelbarrow and hauled down beyond the house where it was stored until threshing time.  It was very hard work.
Natural lighting, Off the Grid
Homesteading Today
Woodburning Stove
 Living Contentedly, Off the Grid

     We hope sharing our adventure and experience will make your journey easier or your dreams more vivid. So please, get your favorite beverage fitting for the season, relax and enjoy our life off the grid.                                                   Thank you for coming and welcome to,

                                     Root Cellar Farm, the Maker's pantry

                                   the home of "Farming Off the Grid "

Drawf Nigerian Goats
 The Goat Barn
Root Cellar Farm, Flowers of the Bees

Teach Me To Garden

This page is the result of people asking how it is that we grow a wide variety of produce, both naturally and organically, year-round.
 It is my hope that this page will be helpful to those people,
    and many more.    
Dawn at Root Cellar Farm
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