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2012, 14th of January

Dreaming of a magazine ~


     After 20 years of reading about the self-sufficient lifestyle, the information just seemed to go around in circles. I became tired of all the advertising and the political bantering.  I wanted more.  I wanted something that I could learn from. Equally important, that I could enjoy. Believing other people may feel as I do, I decided to offer our story.  

     We live in a community that is "off the grid". There are no public utilities to our land, no electricity, water, or natural gas.  The area is also known as the "Land of Four Seasons". The winter is short and snowfall is minimal.  The area has been known to bring “All Four Seasons in One Day”.  This is most common during false spring.  The challenge here, is the wind.

     There are a small number of homes that have been here many years. The new settlers are not getting settled in. They leave.  We have been on our land 7 years.  Since that time 11 new homes have been built on this side of the mountain.  Eight of those families have already moved on. Some of them abandoning incomplete projects.  This does not have to be.  An honest evaluation of the environment and related dangers, the cost, inconveniences, along with county and state codes may help people avoid the hardships I have seen.

     No one has experienced everything, but we offer what has worked for our family.  Perhaps more important, what has NOT worked for us and neighboring landowners.  Raising animals, growing food, creating an income from farming, building a power system, drilling a well for water, and working a great distance from home are just a handful of adventures we have accomplished.


      As you journey with us through the past 7 years and the years to follow, may you glean insight from our hindsight.

                                                               Pleasant reading,

                                                                              Laurie Jane   


Clearing the land.  Homestead beginning ~

Brush and boulders were the first project.

Clearing took place in 2005 on a cold day.

Clouds moved in and snowflakes fell as the work day came to an end.

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