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2015  2nd of January

Full ~

      As I look through pictures taken just within the last 9 months, I see our way of living as being “full”.  Challenging is another word that accurately describe our way of living.  It is a good life but it is also not an easy life. We could be doing projects from dusk to dawn 24 hours a day and some days we are. 


     Establishing an off grid home was only the beginning.  Maintaining the systems is a lifelong project. Everything that generates power is NOT perfect by a long shot.  My husband would say, "if it is mechanical it will break down".  There is no utility company to make repairs. A reliable repairman may take days to arrive, if one can be found.  So, adopting alternatives for the all of the systems is a top priority.


     Full, challenging and did I say expensive.  Expensive should be on the list.  Honesty requires that the "myth",  that living off the grid and supplying your own power, costs less than paying your utility bills "is far from the truth".  I suppose that some people could argue the point but I look at abandoned homes and projects everyday.  We conserve and make resources go farther but not to the extent of sacrificing safety or damaging our health.  In doing so we have adapted to our land, the environment and live contently off the grid.

     Growing some food and having animals takes time and resources as well.  But fresh organic produce does not have to be a dream.  Water and irrigation can be managed well, and well worth the effort.

     It all comes down to choices.   Life here is full and has it's challenges.  It lacks some comforts and can be expensive.  It offers bright night stars, the opportunity to be challenged, and continually learn.


   This is a unique lifestyle. This lifestyle is most easily lived and enjoyed those who are determined, flexible, and have a good sense of humor.   

                                                                                            Until next time ~

                                                                                                                           Laurie Jane

Turnips growing in the winter!

Snow creeps into the row where Winter Turnips

     have been protected with a cover.     

     Turnips store well with little effort in the                              Makers'  Pantry.                                                                                       

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