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August 2017


Lemons or Lemonade ~


Great sadness and tragedy took me away from the farm early in 2017. Followed by a compression fracture in my spine in March. The feelings I have connected to these events leave me without words.  Honesty would say, the words are just too deep within me, to painful to share with people.

Many prayers were  offered on my behalf.  Prayers are not always answered the way we want them to be or, the way we think they should be answered. I was given the will to seek out answers.  My seeking lead me to some peace and understanding. Understanding not only of my injuries and grief, but my life.


I love my life, living off grid. I love the challenges. I am joyful to see accomplishments and the ability to help people through what we accomplish.


Tossing a bale of alfalfa hay through the hen house door may need to stop, for the time being. As I use this time to republish our website (a promise, long overdue to be fulfilled)  I continue to type, gazing occasionally out the window.  The window view displays a new challenge. Land primarily brown from grazing chickens and mowed weeds.  The need for fall crops to get planted this month.  Heavy work needs to be done.  


Common sense and determination are calling me, as they often do to the homesteader.  I hear that still small voice saying,  “develop a new management system for Root Cellar Farm”.  Overwhelmed by my circumstance I dread the still small voice.  But as I step out in faith, an excitement begins to grow within me.  


Farming Off the Grid will continue to share and go into more detail on how we accomplished building our Homestead. The past is sweet and encouraging, the memories constantly move me forward, reminding me that everything takes time.

As I continue to build the website, my goal is that it would be enjoyable or educational to all who visit us here. Whether you are starting out, or are a seasoned homesteader, we hope sharing our adventures and experience will make your journey easier, or your dreams more vivid.                            

                                               Most sincerely,

                                                             Laurie Jane 

Summer Sunflowers
Sunflowers thrive in the heat of hot summer days. This summer's garden entertainers, they dance to the sound of thunder storms.
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