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                                                                                      December  2016

John 3:16-18

        It is an interesting time in my life to start writing again.  Not a simple task as I am not a writer.  Some people can beautifully put their thoughts into words, their knowledge into useful instructions. I am not blessed with such talent or skills.  But the hands of time keep moving forward,  and friends near and far have been promised that I would  share insight into our way of life. Offering some solutions for the unique challenges of farming, off the grid. 

     I shall cover information on topics common to establishing an off grid home and my opinions on the most frequently asked questions.  The things that are important to us here at Root Cellar Farm will surely find their way into the articles.  Contently living off the grid will remain the focus of the website. 

     My life and my family will undoubtedly be woven through the pages, for we are the pages.  For every tree that grows here, there was a planter and hands for every egg gathered.  "The Maker's pantry"  needs no man to tend it, but Root Cellar Farm is dependent upon us all.

                                           Until next time ~ 

                                May Christmas be Merry & Bright and,                                                           the New Year be filled with Hope & Peace.

                                                                                          Laurie Jane  

Drawf Nigerian Newborn Goats sleeping.
Newborn kids (goats) rest on the fresh, warm straw.
Isabela, Elizabeth & Tommy ~ Mother, Joy. 
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