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                                 "The NOT so Simple Life "

                                    The phrase ”The Simple Life "                                                      was the concept of someone who needed to sell some land                                                        in the middle of nowhere. Lj


Before buying land, keep in mind some people may sell you anything they can!  I'm not trying to sell you anything.  I can be completely honest with                                       you - someone must!

                     Once this firewood is cut, split, stacked, and

        then hauled into the house to use in the wood burning stove...




  ...someone will need to clean out the wood burning stove as the ashes build up.  Those ashes must be taken out of the house.  

                                 Seems simple enough, right?


At times I am sure that the phrase  ”The Simple Life " was the brainchild of a person who needed to sell some land in the middle of nowhere.  I can hear the conversation,  ”Look here, you have your own private road, no highway traffic to keep you awake at night and over there is your own fruit orchard too.  Beautiful little creek in the spring and did I forget to tell you, a nice snowfall at least once a year... a nice "simple life" can be had here."


The best advice I can share is to rent a place for a year in any area before buying. Valuable knowledge will be gained from people in area.  Glean from their experience. This may lead to a successful adventure or prevent a financial disaster.  Consider the conversation above, then take a look at the entire picture again.

There is a very good chance that the nice quiet road may be an unpassable mess in wet months.  Summer may bring noisy traffic, campers and off road vehicles.  Vacationers getting away from the crowds and the highway can rob you of the peace and quiet.  That nice little creek you heard about,  it just may keep you trapped on your land depending on the amount of precipitation the area gets each season. As for the fruit trees, most folks I talk to lose the fruit to the frost, deer. and squirrels.

Winter, spring, summer and fall crops have to be protected OR we would not have them. The animals, insects and elements would. Morning and night covers on, covers off, snow move backed and the gophers trapped.  

                 If we want to harvest it, we have to protect it. 





It can be a "good life" providing for one's self.  People should strive to provide for themselves.  But it is "NOT" a simple life.  A long list of expensesinconveniences, labor, and trade offs "are required" to survive this unique lifestyle. Those that thrive in this lifestyle have a few things in common.

                   Determination, Flexibility, and Sense of Humor


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