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Just Plant!
This page is the result of people asking how it is that we grow a wide variety of produce, both naturally and organically, year-round.
 It is my hope that this page will be helpful to those people,
          and many more.

Teach Me To Garden

  Welcome      January 2017
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   Farming and gardens require the basic characteristics of content homesteaders ~ determination, flexibility and a sense of humor.  It requires resilience to replant a row for the 3rd time in a season.  Yet still, even with the challenges, very few pursuits are as rewarding as tending and harvesting crops.  


         Growing food is an ever changing process and the planter                                      must be willing to follow in step.

     As the farmer well knows,  identifying plant and soil deficiencies is easily learned.  But the elements sing a defiant tune with gusty winds, and lightning storms, with hail and heat, and early snow.  The farmer knows he is small against the elements.  Then what? LJ        

                             "A good sense of humor!" PK

Garden Flowers
Just Plant!
field of organic produce
Lesson 1
       - Memorize the tools of a successful gardener. 
         Read the Vital Harvest
- Prepare an organized place for gardening                supplies.
- Gather the tools of a successful gardener.
- Choose your planting site.
harvesting bright lights chard
Seed catalogs
Large binder notebook
Small pocket note books
Pencils and colored pencils
Graph paper
Tape Measure
Tiny containers, and organizers
Clothes with pockets for gear
Hats, face and eye protection  


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